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Read T.S. Howard's Gothic Fantasy Series I Helped Publish

The gods are dead. The Veil is growing. The world is dying.


After losing his family in a devastating fire, Faron finds himself in the captivity of the slaver and criminal lord, Dageran. Forced to commit awful crimes in order to survive, Faron grapples with his conscience and morality until he hears whispers that Hadria, his twin sister, might not be dead. Death would have been kinder.


With the help of an orphan-thief and an aged tavern-keeper, Faron must escape his slavery and find his sister, but what will he find when he does?


Whispering subtle hints of age-old myths, The Growing Veil series is a gothic fantasy about the true meaning of family, the weight of guilt, the blurred line of morality, and the terrible cost of doing what's right.


Hi, my name is Sage Maelan! I'm a full-time mother, clothing re-seller, and entrepreneuer.

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